Cajun Cravin is bringing the the taste of the bayou to the Tennessee Valley. With authentic flavors of Bourbon street and a little southern flair Cajun Cravin will be an experience you won’t forget.Cedric Junearick, owner of Cajun Cravin LLC., is known for his culinary creativity and focus. Growing up in a small town in the Deltas of Mississippi watching his grandmother preparing meals inspired him be the man and the chef he is today.

” I have a passion for cooking and pleasing my customers.”, Mr. Junearick

Cedric worked many years in the military and food service industry before deciding to start the creole themed food truck business. His motivation for starting Cajun Cravin came from desire to live life to the fullest and with purpose. He also wanted a way to give back to the community. Cedric plans to use his culinary skills as a means to mentor youth and help the homeless, and support veterans.
Cedric’s ultimate goal is to go back to Blytheville, Arkansas and inspire the youth there to see that life does exist outside of their surroundings and circumstances and is attainable and to  hopefully inspired them to explore the world.